Copy Cat Religions

Question:  Christians, how do you explain religions that pre-date Christianity, all having a Christ-like figure? In other words, many figures were born from a virgin, crucified, and resurrected. It's the same story told under a different name! This is documented your religion just a re-telling of an ancient story?

My Reply:
I've heard of some of these stories while talking with a professed-atheist friend of mine, and I'd not only suggest them as "copy-cats" of events in the Bible, but I'd also say that just the fact that such stories even exist shows that so many people, for so long, so strongly desired a savior to come and rescue them from the events of their time.

First of all, we have to remember that Moses predicted Christ's first coming way back, what, 4000-5000 years ago? Then we have Jesus being mentioned in the Psalms, which are thought to have been written about 3000 years ago, Jesus' virgin birth mentioned about 2500 years ago, the prediction of the coming of the Holy Spirit about 2800 years ago...I mean, everything was promised through the prophets of old.

So you figure, the Israelites mingled with other nations, and no doubt shared their prophesies, which gives reason to believe that others may have taken (copied) such stories as their own. But either way, Jesus Christ is the ONLY one to have fulfilled EVERY prophesy about Him, and the ONLY one who was risen from death 3 days later. The Jews admit Jesus lived, died on the cross, and that His tomb was empty 3 days later; the Muslims even acknowledge that Jesus raised up into Heaven; and the Christians (as well as 500+ other people who saw Jesus alive 3 days after they saw Jesus die on the cross at the hands of the Romans) all spread the news.

Also, not many have heard of these other stories you talk of (you don't even have examples or details...sounds more like word of mouth). Yet practically everybody knows of Jesus Christ.

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