Dream Question: About God Changing Things?

I don't remember everything, but it was about dawn when I woke up in my grandmother's house and saw some people walking around looking for stuff. I jumped up quickly and walked to them, seeing my mother, dad, and brother standing there.  When I asked what was wrong. My dad replied, "We can't find anyone." I asked, "What do you mean?" He replied to me that everyone was gone and that he thinks we're the only ones. I asked, "What do you mean, 'everyone's gone'?" My brother replied to my dad that he could neither find grandma nor grandpa, and that there was barely anyone around the area.  Suddenly, I didn't recognize my dad, and said, "Who are you?" He replied, "What are you talking about? I am your dad."  He tried to convince me of this, but I continued to deny it.  I looked at him and he just looked at me with a weird grin on his face.  Out of fear, I raced to the front door.  When I got outside, the sun was shining real bright, with this weird, orange, golden light, yet I was able to look up without being blinded.  When I again asked about what's going on, my dad replied that God changed everything..."He lowered the sun's frequency." Looking at my dad in disbelief, I asked again, "Where is everyone?" My dad replied that we're the only ones left.
My dream ended with me looking around, seeing an orange bright sun, then looking at my dad who was standing very still with a weird grin on his face.  What could this dream mean?

My Reply:

Often times, dreams may be inspired by something you watched on TV or read about recently. Although, they could also be messages from the Lord, spiritual attacks by demons, or what I call "fillers", which are dreams that mean nothing, but mostly just entertain you as you sleep.
Assuming it's a message from the Lord, some thoughts come to mind:
  1. You were the only ones left: If this dream is from the Lord, then the only time you'd be alone in the house without your grandparents is if they're Godly, the rest of you aren't, and the dream portrays the rapture, when Christians meet Jesus in the clouds, and those who choose not to have anything to do with Jesus are left.  Although, if you're a friend of the Lord's also, then you may just be there as a spectator, and became first person when you sought clarification.
  2. It was about dawn (sun going down): Jesus is the light, but there wasn't much light (in sync with #s 1 and 4).  
  3. You couldn't recognize your dad, though he insisted he was:  This may portray somebody who is, does, or will try to portray himself as your father (authority figure, leader, somebody you trust, guide, etc.), and turns out to be the opposite (hence the weird grin). Your running outside from fear would represent your realization of this.
  4. Lowering of the sun's frequency: Evil is revealed as darkness. If there was more darkness than light, then this could portray a great evil presence (or the coming of one).
But then, it also sounds as like a possible spiritual attack.  If this is the case, then:
  1. Finding yourself alone creates anxiety, as it did in your dream.
  2. If the rapture comes to mind, them the demon could be trying to get you to believe that you're not saved, thus questioning your salvation, faith, etc.
  3. The person trying to convince you of being your dad could be the demon attacking you in your dream. They try to cause you to believe that what they're saying is true, yet there's a part of you that knows something's not right (they do this to me a lot, too). This would also explain the guy's "weird grin".
  4. The orange sky and the guy saying that God changed something could also be connected with #2.
Either way, I'd suggest praying about it, asking the Lord for understanding.
---Pastor Andy
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