Do you ever get pissed at Jesus?

Do you ever get pissed at Jesus, like when you think about all the death and suffering that has stemmed from "Jesus"?

My Reply:
I don't understand the part about it stemming from Jesus, but either way, getting mad at Jesus is OK. Believe it or not, yelling at, cussing out, raising your fist, etc. in anger or frustration can qualify as prayer, for it's communication with God (of course, if you cuss God out, there's no saying how He'll communicate back).  ;)
Check out Psalm 88 sometime and see how David cried out to God in anger and frustration. He really lets God have it! But even his anger soon turned to praise.
Don't be afraid to ask God the hard questions...and no, He doesn't like to be called names, but then, He's God...and He's God enough to take it.

---Pastor Andy
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