Who Really Deserves Eternal Torment?

I am curious as to who in the history of the whole world deserves eternal torment. For this, we will leave Satan out of it. So in other words, "Who really deserves eternal torment besides Satan?" I think Satan is just metaphorical for the side of people that is prone to sin and makes bad decisions, but if you would please leave your religion too because in a way I am making a poll. I won't disrespect your beliefs and I hope you will do the same. I personally don't even think Hitler deserves such torment.
So far in my research, some people said that there is someone in the world that deserves this. So I ask, how do you feel about a human being more forgiving?  If it’s true that God would not forgive someone for his/her sins and I, as a mere mortal, would (and I believe I would be more forgiving, actually, and if you think about it, more just too. Although I am not saying that I am better than God, I want to get that clear right away). Think about this: Have you ever been seriously hurt? If not, think of a time that you were scraped up. Remember the pain…go back to the pain that you endured and then imagine it 10,000,000 times worse and it will never end nor go numb. Think about this. Does anyone deserve that for something as little as not believing?

My Reply:
Who deserves eternal torment?  We all do.  Seriously! I mean, look at us:
  • God tells us not to do something and we do it. 
  • God tells us to do something and we don't.  
  • God calls us to be holy, as He is holy, and we choose to be secular.
  • God sends His love, and instead of receiving it, we debate whether God even exists or if His love is sufficient.
  • God tells us to make every effort to be at peace with one another, and we choose wars.
  • We were given the planet to care for it, and we litter and pollute it.
  • We were given authority over the animals, and we abuse them.  
  • We were given emotions to feel, and we abuse substances in order to feel numb. 
  • God sent His Son and we killed Him. 
  • We threw away God's standards and replaced them with our own cultural standards, then complained that God's not fair.  
  • And we continue to commit the same sin that Adam & Eve committed that got us here in the first place...we try to live our lives (or certain parts of it) without God. 
Dude, we all deserve eternal torment.  But praise the Lord, He's given us another option! :)

---Pastor Andy
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