Name-Calling Girlfriend

Question: How many times would you take name calling and accusations from your girlfriend before you've had enough?

My Reply:
2 things come to mind with this:

1) Often times, name calling is how girls fight back in's like their way of rising up above you. Many women are not very good at arguments without criticizing and name calling they need to learn a new way, and that often starts with you also learning a new way of working out disagreements. If you love her enough to work things out, then I'd suggest looking into ways of communicating better.

2) If it's just part of her personality, then dude, get out. A good relationship doesn't consist of knocking down and demeaning. And that's not the fruit of's the fruit of hatred. And maybe she doesn't know how to love...but you shouldn't have to be her practice dummy.

---Pastor Andy

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