What's Your Biggest Nightmare

What is your biggest nightmare?

My Reply:
I have a background in radio. In College, we learned that something called "dead-air" is like the last thing you want to happen. That's when nothing is going over the air...it's just silent.
My worst nightmares are always about me being at a station; the song is about to end, and I don't have another one in front of me to segue into...nothing. 
In some, I’ll run through the station during the dead-air in search of a CD, but for some reason can never find one in the station’s format.  Although I do believe that in one dream, I began playing commercials (on cart...looks like a looped 8-track tape), but they were only 30 seconds long, not enough time to search for another CD, and I was about to run out of them, too.  You’d think I’d let the CD play onto the next song or something, but for some reason, I never think to do that.

So yeah, odd I'm sure, but those seriously are my worst nightmares.

---Pastor Andy
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