A Muslim's Afraid of Death

Dear Pastor Andy, I am a Muslim. I pray five times in day, I read the holy Quran, I listen to hadith, I follow the sunnah of the prophet...but one thing I fear, and that is death. When people talk about death, I get scared. When we die, do we still have thoughts and feelings? I need to know...I need advice.

My Reply:
As Christians, we understand that everybody was made to live eternally...conscious and everything (yes, thoughts and feelings). Only thing is that where we spend the rest of eternity depends on what or whom we choose to follow now.

Your confusion and fear could be due to your image of God. As Christians, we believe that God is a loving God who loves His creation, and INVITES us to spend the rest of eternity WITH Him. Being a Christian also means having a relationship (friendship) with God through Jesus Christ, who we believe was not just a prophet, but God Himself in the flesh, come down to communicate His Word and die (then be risen) in order to reconcile us to Him, We just need to accept His gracious invitation. If we refuse, then we will spend the rest of eternity in the other place, which is in complete isolation from God, and also a good reason to fear death.

It could be that God is trying to communicate Jesus to you in this fear of death. Check out this video for more information on Jesus - the main one I suggest you watch is called "The Jesus Film", but there are other great videos and resources there, also. Scroll down to your chosen language and give it a chance, if not to believe, but then to help answer your question.

Also, feel free to email me if you like.

---Pastor Andy
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