Dinosaurs and Smoking Pot

Questions:  I have 2 questions:
  1. Are dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible?
  2. Is Smoking weed bad? 

My Reply:
Well then I've got 2 answers:
  1. Are dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible?  Actually, yes, they are...and there are dinosaurs around today, also.  But the dinosaurs in the Bible weren’t named the same as we know them today.  For you won’t see them mention a Triceratops, whale, or Alligator.  Instead you’ll read names like “big fish, behemoth, or leviathan".  I’ve actually answered a question like this before.
  2. As for smoking pot, yes, it's bad.  Granted there are some medical uses for the leaf, smoking it for any other reason can do more damage than good.  And among all those reasons, one you've gotta figure: the reason you get high from natural drugs (those made from plants) is because such plants are armed with a poison of sort, originally meant as a defense mechanism against animals, bugs, and such predators. So yeah, it makes you high, but it's originally on there to keep you away from it.  I’ve actually blogged on pot, and I think you'll get a kick out of it.
---Pastor Andy
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