Social Importances (serious and silly)

Question: What is more important?  Looks, body, brains, personality??
My Reply:
I believe that personality is most important for it's all about community.  For instance:
  • Looks: If you're ugly, then you can still be friends with other "ugly" people.
  • Body: If your body's bad, well, you're not the only one, and you can be friends others regardless. (Also for these 2, it's really all in the eyes of the beholders)
  • Brains: If you're smart, you can be friends with other smart people.  If you're dumb, you could make friends with other dumb people, and if you're in between, then you're average, and can make friends with anybody.
  • Personality: But if your personality sucks, then nobody wants to be around you.  :)
---Pastor Andy
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