Who's Your Support Team?

Question: Do you receive more support from above than from those on earth? If we got rid of money would people be more willing to help, and comfort people more natural and compassionately.  It's sad in some cases that the people that get paid good to help those in need can't, or won't, and in some cases don't have the time to help because of so many cuts.  It's also sad when it's to do with money and what position you’re in.

I have gotten more help from above through prayer than the professional well paid people here on earth.  And when you get yourself involved with them, they can make things worse for you....sad and so ashamed of some humans.

My Reply:
For more than 10 years, while serving (in several churches) as Youth Pastor, I quickly learned that pretty much the ONLY encouragement/support I ever got was from "above" (the Lord), and then later also from my wife (we've only been married 3 years).
Not to dump on the position, for Youth Ministry is really a blessed ministry!  But in terms of support, Youth Ministry is really a thankless position.  In fact, Youth Pastors usually 
don't hear anything about how they’re doing unless it's a complaint.  I'll tell you though, while serving in such a position, the passage about focusing on God's recognition versus the world's really speaks to you (and challenges you).
So yeah, my main (and often only) support team (even today) consists of my wife, my dog, and Jesus (not in that order). But as Jesus told Paul in his times of trials, "My grace is sufficient."
---Pastor Andy
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