Do I still have a chance at love?


I fancy this girl who broke up with my friend about 2-3 weeks ago.  We have been getting close, and yesterday we spent the whole day together and her two friends.  But before we went out to town on msn, I was about to put some kisses on and a kissing emotion came up just as i pressed enter! She replied with "LOL" in capitals and I was like, "I'm sorry!"  Then she said to slow down, for we are not at that stage yet.  

Later that day, I brought it up when no one was listening, and she said, "Oh its ok," and basically said the same thing she said on msn.  All night I was thinking about what she meant by that.

She also seems to be interested in fit boys, and I'm not really the fittest boy you would come across. But really, I just want your opinion on what i should do?  We're meeting up again today.  (She doesn't like my friend anymore).

My Reply:
The first thing to recognize is that she's only been out of a relationship for 2-3 weeks.  Take your time, for It may take her time to mourn it and heal.
The second thing to notice is that she said you're not at that stage "yet". That's a good sign of possibility. But if you rush things, you may lose your chance.
I know you feel like a dummy, and are real embarrassed by her response, but the fact that she continues to want to talk with you and meets you online and in person, shows that you didn't mess up as badly as you think.  I think if anything, you just revealed to her that you like her. And the fact that she enjoys hanging out with you shows that she may like you back, and just not yet be ready for another relationship. I'd suggest that you just take things slow, go at her pace. When she's ready to move forward and turn that emoticon into a real kiss, she'll let you know. Just don't say anything like that you didn't mean it or that it was a mistake...for THAT would surely mess up your chance at anything more than "LOL".
---Pastor Andy
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