Creating Eve


Why did God need one of Adam's ribs to create Eve?

My Reply:
Actually, the word used in the Hebrew isn't "rib", but "side". The word's also used in Exodus and other places in describing the side rooms of the tent.
I think it all had something to do with recognizing the female as an equal companion to the male.
When God brought Eve to Adam, Adam recognized her as his equal companion, or “suitable partner”, not somebody under him. So I don't believe that God particularly NEEDED to use one of Adam's ribs, but chose to take a part of Adam's side in order to help Adam (and people later on) see this.  For if God wanted the Female to rule over the Male, then God possibly would've done well by taking out a part of Adam's head or brain (which I'm sure would have some great jokes added to it today).  Or, if the Male was to rule over her, then maybe God would've done better to take a part of the male's foot.

I guess the question though is why use a part of Adam at all? Why not just create her out of the dirt as He did with Adam and the animals?  If think that if God wanted woman to be made in secondary importance to man, then from the dirt would've been good, for then people could say, "God made the male first out of the dirt, and the woman was made from the same source AFTER the male." But instead, God took a part out of Adam's side, showing that she is Adam's equal companion.
---Pastor Andy
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