Competing Churches


If 2 churches, heaped in the Lord, believe that they were the one and true Church, and pray against each other, how does God deal with their prayers? Whose prayer does he answer? How does God know which one is the True Church?
My Reply:
Churches are not supposed to compete against one another...not if they're really members of the Body of Christ.  Although many do anyway.  
The Apostle Paul actually talked about this, for in the Corinthian church, people were arguing with each other about status, theologians, doctrine, etc. But Paul said that neither are unneeded, and went into comparing the Church with a body...I like to say that you never realize why you need particular toes until you break one. In the same way, for churches to compete with one another or pray against each other is un-Christian. So in terms of prayer, I'd guess that God would hear them both, but also challenge each other with the words they say against the other. For example, if one is claiming to be the true church, then in due time, the Lord will humble them, for the one and only true Church is the Body of Christ, consisting of every believer with the Holy Spirit around the world.

I have heard of churches in the past claiming to be the one and only true Church, and they ALL were later found to be cults of some sort. Only the True Church recognizes the fellowship of believers, the communion of the Saints, the Body of Christ, and Jesus as the center.
---Pastor Andy