Why Do People Believe In Many Religions?

Why do people believe in so many religions and not just one?  I'm just trying to figure out why so many people believe in DIFFERENT religions?

My Reply:
OK, what I hear you asking is NOT why are there so many religions, but why do people often believe in more than one for themselves, or why won't people commit to just one.  If that's right, then I think it’s because:
  1. People don't want to commit to just one religion, just in case if the one they choose turns out to be the wrong one.  So instead, they take the "best parts" of each one and form their own...like with a martial art, you take what movements work best for you and incorporate them into your own style;
  2. We live in a society where nobody wants to claim one way as right and another way as wrong. Instead, they decide to harmonize them all and consider them all acceptable.  That way, they don’t offend anybody in their stance (or lack of), and in their eyes, everybody wins.
  3. They just don't know which one is the right way. So by believing that they all lead to the same destination, or that each is beneficial, they don’t have to learn about any or make a decision about either.  

The problem with all of these reasons is that Jesus Himself said that only He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and that nobody gets to the Father but through Him.  God is also a Jealous God in that He’s not willing to allow any false-gods or religions to share His glory.  It’s not selfishness in a sinful way, but in that only He is worthy of such a honor, glory, and the title of "God".

Check out this site for more on these questions http://www.barna.org/ 
---Pastor Andy
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