Will Going To Church Make Me A Stronger Person?


I have some issues within myself, self esteem, confusion, depression, I'm just lost, and a lot of people tell me it's because I stopped going to church, and because I hold on, and instead of letting go and letting God deal with my problems, I haven't been to church in a few years.  I'm ashamed to even admit that. When I ask this question, I'm not by any means taking advantage of God or church.  I want to go church to feel at peace again, to feel positive, to feel like I have a purpose on this earth and a reason for living.

My Reply:
So if you believe that going to church will help you feel peace again, and peace is what you seek, then you’ve got the answer…go to church.

Honestly though, it's not church where the peace comes from, but from Jesus Christ. Now, I'm not trying to deter you from church, for you may experience the peace you seek, there. But I've seen youth experience peace while in church, only to lose it once they left the doors, simply because they didn't have that relationship with Jesus...just the church. You've got to understand, bro, that Christianity isn't about the religious side...the doing. It's about being...being in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. And you build that relationship by reading His Word (the Bible), and talking with Him (praying).

If you knew Jesus once, then I'm guessing that the reason you're in such torment now is because your spirit cries out for Him. But it sounds like it's been so long that you've forgotten how, correct?

Try this: go someplace dark, where there are no distractions. Then imagine Jesus asking you, "Hi, how are you doing?" After you mumble a few things, then imagine Jesus asking, "No, really...how are you doing?" Then just talk with Him. Tell Him everything on your mind. You could tell Him what you said in this question, about your issues and what everybody else is saying. You could apologize for backing away from Him those few years ago and ask Him about what you're wrestling with about Him, etc.
Also, read the Bible. Pick it up, open up to one of the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John), and read only 1 chapter a day...only 1 chapter a day. After reading it, ask Jesus about what you just read, and ask for understanding. Keep it on your mind throughout the day and write down your thoughts (like journalling. It could be in a 30-cent notebook from Walmart). And go to church in order to worship with other Christians and to hear teachings on the Word.

  1. Talk with Jesus
  2. Read the Bible (only 1 chapter a day)
  3. Reflect on throughout the day, and write about, what you read
  4. Go to church (worship and fellowship with other members of the Body). 
Feel free to email me if you like, soon or as you're reading.
---Pastor Andy  :}>+-
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