Is Hell the Only Consequence for Not Believing in God?


I am a christian and i pray every night, but the main reason is that i think if i don't pray my life will be worse, because god only helps you if you pray and believe. but is this really true? will my life be worse if i don't pray and believe? because i want to be an atheist, but honestly the only thing that's stopping me is my fear of what god will do besides sending me to hell.

My Reply: say you believe in God, but want to be somebody who doesn't, but you're afraid that the God who you don't want to believe in will then target you with a lightening bolt.

Christianity was never meant to be seen like fire insurance. From the beginning, it's always been about having a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  And in a relationship, you communicate, which with God, is prayer.

The Bible says that even the demons believe in Jesus/God, yet they shudder. So if you're praying because you don't want things to go sour, then you're already praying for the wrong reasons, and obviously don't know God after all. 

So to answer your question, "Will you go to hell if you don't believe in God?" Well, you're in a different position than some other believers, for you believed once, and now you're rejecting God and His salvation, for God and salvation are a package deal.
---Pastor Andy