Please Wash Your Hands

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Question: I'm in college and I have guy friends come over all the time. I don't mind them using the bathroom, but seriously, why can't guys aim in the toilet bowl when their 18 years old?  And all of my visiting guy friends wash their hands but one! It's painfully obvious since we have suite-styled dorms and the bathroom sink area is connected to the living room.

He'll come out of the bathroom, flush the toilet, and plop down on the couch next to us! I'm extremely bothered seeing as we always share finger food and he's touching it. I might sound like a germ freak, but come on, you just touched your private body parts, and now you're grabbing at our pizza rolls?  I've tried pointing it out to everyone that my obvious pink hand soap is right in front of my sink and I've tried joking about how I hate people who don't wash their hands.
I don't want to call him out in front of everyone when he does it, and it's such an embarrassing conversation. Help?

My Reply:
I hate that, too.  It's like people think that running their hands under water will wash the germs away.  But if I recall in biology class, drops of water just got the germs moving around so you can see them better.

One time while talking with a friend, I guess I had bad breath.  So during our conversation, he pulled out some of those little Listerine strips, took one for himself, then offered one to me.  But when I turned it down, he insisted that I take one.  At first it was embarrassing, but after a while, it became almost humorous.

I'd suggest that you try getting a bottle of hand solution, put it on the table next to the food, and insist that everybody use it before grabbing some food. Even begin it by doing it yourself, then offering it to others. If they don't use it, then don't invite them over for food anymore until you can have a 1 on 1 discussion with them about the issue.
---Pastor Andy
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