Recipe suggestion for Ramen?

I'm thinking of cooking some Ramen noodles for dinner tonight. Any ideas for how to make them other than the same old way?

My Reply:
It's funny you should ask this, for I just saw a a teaser for a story on Ramen ideas on Yahoo News.
There are a LOT of things you can do with Ramen noodles.  Here's one of my favorites:
After cooking the noodles, return them to the pan and separate them up. Season with olive oil, soy sauce, garlic (fresh, powder, or both), oregano, basil, Parmesan cheese, and crushed red pepper (or Red Cayen Pepper).  Feel free to throw in some canned tuna or browned ground meat and fresh (or frozen) veggies. I like to use frozen broccoli, bell peppers and asparagus.

Stir it all up and serve.

Some other options for the noodles: Pan-fry
Cook the other ingredients together in one pan.
In another pan, return the cooked noodles to a small frying pan with a small puddle of olive oil in the bottom (don't separate the noodles anymore than they were in the strainer).  Let the noodles brown slightly on each side.
When crispy on either side, slide onto a plate and top with other ingredients.  Noodles should be soft on the inside.  Also, the noodles will be a little oily, but that's OK because Olive Oil's really good for you.

Either way, enjoy!
---Pastor Andy

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