When Did You Start to Seriously Study the Bible?

Question:  Was there a point in your life when you started to seriously study the Bible?  If yes, then please tell me about your experience.  Thanks.

My Reply:
When I decided to accept Jesus, I wanted to get to know Him better. I began with a fictional book called "Joshua". But after talking with a friend (who I soon discovered was a minister), he persuaded me to read the Bible (and told me how to do it).

He told me to start in Matthew, and read just 1 chapter a day. After reading it, pray for understanding, and be ready to talk about what I'd read each time I see him.

I took notes and began getting into it, but once finished with the New Testament, I realized that with all the references to the Old Testament, I should probably read it, also, if not only for better understanding of the New Testament. So I began with Genesis, and not only took notes of the events and such, but also charts of the genealogies (something that previously stumped me and served as a road block in my studying).

So technically speaking, I suppose you could say that I began reading the Scripture (after accepting Jesus) when I began to seriously study the Bible, because I wanted to know everything I could about "this Jesus-guy". And the more I read and took notes, the more I wanted to know!  I began praying more (and hearing Jesus' replies!), finding more time to study, and shared with others everywhere I went about what I was learning.
---Pastor Andy