The Prophet Who Did Not Believe In God?


Would you please help me remember this guy's name for my Torah speech?
OK, so I'm getting Bar-Mitzvahed soon and Im writing my speech to open it up.  My torah portion is holiness, kedoshim, but that isn't what I want to talk about right now...I need to remember the story and name of that prophet guy who didn't believe in God, but became a prophet.  I can majorly use him right now in my speech.  

My Reply:
First, congratulations on getting Bar Mitzvahed soon!
And great choice on topics for your paper (Holiness is a huge topic of my ministry, also).

Let's see...the prophet who didn't believe in the Lord? I didn't think there was one, for otherwise, to whom would he accredit his instructions?  Plus when you look at the qualifications for a prophet, such would have to be a believer in the Lord.

Let me wrestle for this a moment...

Let's see, there were some Judges who were not only gentiles, but whom also continued in their pagan ways even after coming to know the Lord, (sort of like how today, when people come into relationship with the Lord, whether in Judaism or Christianity, they're still very much stuck in their worldly ways, or combine the Lord with the worldview of Him), like Gideon (Judges 6-8) who believed in the Lord, but didn't believe Him at his calling.

Actually, you know what?  Now that I think of it, 1 Kings 22 does talk of the prophets of Ahab.  When the 2 kingdoms joined together in battle against the king of Aram, Jehoshaphat insisted that they first consult the Lord.  So Ahab, not being a man of the Lord, asked his prophets.  Later, after Jehoshaphat insisted on a prophet of the Lord, Micaiah was summoned.  Soon after, there was a conflict between him and one of Ahab’s prophets.  That prophet’s name was “Zedekiah”.  He was a “prophet”, influenced by a lying spirit of the Lord.  And though he thought he was prophesying by the Lord, he didn’t really serve the Lord God.  So in a sense, I suppose you could say he was a prophet who didn’t believe in the Lord.

If it's not him, then I'd sure like to know the answer, if you should later remember.
---Pastor Andy