Should I Buy the Old or New Testament First (audio format)?

I am buying the scriptures on CD and listening to them on my to and from work. I am almost done listening to the Book of Mormon. I am going to buy my next set of CD's in a few days. 
Which would be best to listen to first, the Old or New Testament?  I have studied all the books of scriptures when I was a teen.

My Reply:
I'd suggest getting both, actually.
When I first started off reading the Holy Scriptures, I first read the New Testament. Afterwards, I commented that it was actually a little difficult to understand everything, due to there being so much reference to the Old Testament.

So why not go with the Old Testament first? Because I've also found that it's easier to understand the Old Testament once your eyes have been opened to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the letters in the New Testament.  In other words, in order to better understand one, you need to read the other.  It's like only buying half of a novel.  You can't understand any of it if you don't have all of it.

Since you have yet to read any of them, I'd suggest you begin with the Gospels in the New Testament. But once finished with the New Testament, listen also to the Old.

---Pastor Andy