Who has more power, God or Satan?


If God had more power then why didn't he destroy Satan?  Why didn't he teach good morals to people?  Why did he create people with sins? Why did he create people with envy and jealousy? Why didn't he destroy all those bad qualities?

My Reply:
Wow, great questions!

First of all, God is SO much more powerful than Satan.
Second, God already judged Satan & his demons. They're doomed, and the time they have left until that sentence is carried out is short. I honestly don't know why God didn't just destroy Satan, but He obviously has His reasons.

3) God DID teach good morals to people...people just choose not to follow them.

4) God didn't create people with sin...the Bible tells us that everything that God created was "good". It wasn't until humans brought sin into the creation story by rejecting God that God's creation was considered not-good. So in other words, humans brought sin into the picture...it was our fault.

5) Again, God didn't create people with envy and jealousy. These are sinful, human emotions that the Lord tells us to control and throw off like burning clothes.

6) God didn't destroy all those bad qualities because He has a plan when they will be finally destroyed. Actually, in Christ, they're supposed to be destroyed, but as I mentioned, many people choose not to follow God's "moral behaviors". But one day, they will all be destroyed, and it's a day worth looking forward to.

7) It's understood that God built the tree in the middle of the garden as a means of discipline. It's also understood that sin coming into play wasn't an "oops" moment, but part of God's plan from the beginning...it was only a matter of time before something would prompt humans to want to separate themselves from God. But then, since we've lived for so long pushing Him away, we can only now truly understand unconditional, extreme love from God. If we hadn't separated ourselves from Him, we wouldn't know how badly we need Him.

So, God is so much more powerful than Satan, for God creates and created, Satan can’t.  God is judge, Satan is judged. As followers of Jesus, we actually have authority over Satan.  If Satan was stronger than God, then we wouldn’t have this authority.  And finally, even if Satan for some reason thought he was more powerful than God, when Jesus returns, Satan will quickly learn of how wrong he was.

---Pastor Andy