What are a Christian's Purpose For Living?


Is your purpose to:
1. Enjoy afterlife?
2. Be with God in Heaven?
3. Persuade more people to church so the church can be richer?

Also, instead of avoiding the fact that we're going to rot, why can't we do something good to the world in our lifetime?  Why can't we make use of our lives instead of sitting there doing nothing while waiting to live with God or live in the after-life. If you're waiting to live the afterlife, then why not just go now? You'll help to save natural resources and create less rubbish.

My Reply:
Although I am looking forward to the afterlife, it's not my purpose for living.  
To be with God in Heaven will also be nice, but that's connected with the afterlife question.
To persuade more people to church so the church can be richer? No, that's not it either...

My purposes for living are:
1) To glorify God.
2) To carry out the ministry/mission of sharing what I know about Jesus with those who don't, so that they too may know Him as I do or better.
3) To love my wife.