Using Logic to Explain Belief in God?


Can You Tell Me Why You Believe in God Using Logic?  If not then can you ask yourself why you believe in god?  Was it that your parents were religious?  A personal experience (hallucination)?  Or something your convinced of without a good reason to do so (remember a good reason is one that derives from logic). 
 I am not religious or non-religious, i just want to know why you believe what you believe. Being a person who has done research I see that there is no logic behind god so i want to know what it is that i am missing.

My Reply:
You probably didn't realize it, but you found the answer in your question: There IS no logic behind God. 
The Bible tells us that God's message makes the wise stupid and the stupid wise.
The Apostle Paul spoke before the best of the best of philosophers in Greece. They believed him until he got to the part about the resurrection, for they thought it was complete foolishness.
Paul explains (check 1 Corinthians chapters 1-3) that to the wise, the Gospel is foolishness...that's why they can't believe it...because they're looking for logic in it.

Why do I believe what I believe about God? Honestly? Because God continues to reveal Himself to me. God has come to be to me not just my God, but the best friend I've ever had. He's never let me down (unlike all my other friends at least one time), He's always provided for me, He introduced me to my wife & our marriage is centered around Him, we communicate (they're not voices in my head, either), I ask a question and He often gives me the answer, if not by putting it into my mind, then through somebody else or future events...

Friend, if you want to know if God is real, then ask Him to show you. Say, "God, are you real? Because I've looked for you through logic and research, but can't find you. So if there's another way of finding you, with no doubt possible, would you please show me?" (or something like that). And keep your eyes open.

Remember, logic won't find God, for it'll just continue to give you reasons for not believing in God. Stop thinking and just ask, regardless of how illogical or crazy it seems, or that you may feel doing it.

---Pastor Andy