Any books debunking the bible?

Question: Are there any books written on the Bible's flaws and show how the parts that were made up?

My Reply:
DiVinci Code....oh wait, the Bible and historical records proved that book to be a fluke.

I'll tell you what...check into this book:

"Evidence for Christianity" by Josh McDowell.  It's a long book (700-some pages), and it's an educated-read, but it's full of historical evidences for the Christian faith...and it also talks about the books used in making the Bible, the books left out, the historical evidences discovered that prove the Biblical accounts, etc.  Also, it's not all just from a Christian point of view, for it has several (and many) mentions from secular journalists, historians, etc.  I think you'd like it.
 It's soft cover, medium-sized, and really thick, about $15 anywhere, and totally worth the read.


McDowell, Josh, "Evidence for Christianity: Historical Evidences for the Christian Faith", Thomas Nelson, Inc., 2006.

---Pastor Andy G.