Why do Christians Quote Scripture to Non-Believers?

Question: Why do some Christians quote the Bible to people that don't believe? 

My Reply:
I can think of 4 reasons:
  1. There's life in the scriptures, and they're hoping that by quoting them, non-believers might recognize this life and embrace it.
  2. Whenever Jesus encountered Satan, He countered him with scriptures. It's not to say that we believe non-Christians are possessed or anything, but that we realize the fact that Satan is the one who blinds them from understanding and accepting...so it's sort of like taking out the guy behind them with a sniper rifle.
  3. Sometimes the Christian’s not properly trained in talking with non-believers.  Many Christians also grow up learning to use certain scriptures when witnessing. Unfortunately they're not taught that many people just don't believe the Scriptures as Truth...they don't realize that non-believers may be looking at our Bible the way we look at that of a Mormon, Jehovah Witness, or any other religious cult...so in other words, ignorance.
I often use scriptures when talking with somebody because:

  • I'm addressing a question about scripture taken out of context, and so it needs to be addressed within its context, and supported by other scripture, for it's really pointless and naive to use only one passage to explain the whole gospel; 
  • To show that I'm not just blowing hot air out my mouth...it shows authority to what I'm saying, and that it's not just my opinion.
---Pastor Andy G.