Canaanite Reclaim Israel?

If I told the U.N. that I was a Canaanite and wanted my land back, do you think Israel would fork it over?

My Reply:
Well, according to the Bible, God told Abraham, Isaac, Jacob (A.K.A. "Israel"), Moses, and Joshua that the land that He was giving them was that of the Canaanites, and that they first needed to wipe out all the inhabitants in order for them to fully own it.  Although, instead of wiping them all out, the Israelites did to the remaining Canaanite natives what Egypt did to them...forced them to slave labor).
So to answer your question, if there is such a thing today as a Canaanite (and it is very well possible for you to be Canaanite), then you may want to keep low instead..

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