I Don't Know If I Believe In God????

Question: I don't know if I believe in God. I mean, is there any proof? And if there is, how come so many bad things happen in life, like war, death, and disease?

My Reply: I think I've always believed in God, but there was a time when I didn't think God was listening to me. I know now that God always listens to us, even when we think He's not.
My suggestion: Pray. If you don't know how, then say, "God?" and repeat everything you said in this question..."God, I don't know if I believe in you..." and go on with that.  You can even ask God for proof, understanding, and for everything that's on your mind in your confusion about God (God created everything that exists...no question is too big to ask God).  Then after praying this, keep your eyes open for God's signs and answers.
There's also a place in the Bible where a little guy, Gideon, wasn't sure if God was really calling him into service. So he threw out some tests (I know, we shouldn't test God, but we should test the spirit to see if it's from God).  So Gideon slept on a skin of wool and asked God that the morning dew might moisten the wool Nd keep everything else around him dry. Then for the next night, Gideon asked God for everything else to be wet from dew, but not the wool.  God did them both, and Gideon was convinced.

So ask God your question, ask God for ways of knowing that the answer is from Him, and keep your eyes open.
I'll pray for you too...email me if you like.
---Pastor Andy

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