Order of Creation?

 If the Bible is true, then whom did God create first, the animals (as it says in Genesis 1) or humans (as it says in Genesis 2)?

My Reply:
Actually, the Bible IS Truth, and I've heard this argument before.  Basically, you're reading the scriptures for the wrong purposes if you think they're different.  Let me explain:  God created the animals first, as Genesis 1 says.  But you have to understand the purposes for the writings of each, and the order of the animals' creation isn't for Genesis 1 nor 2:

Genesis 1 focuses on the creation story and the first mention of the Holy Spirit, but most of all, the Sabbath. In the same way that God worked 6 days and rested on the 7th, so it should be also for us.

Genesis 2 focuses on the uniting of opposite genders, and the reason for creating the female.

 ---Pastor Andy

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