Will God leave me now?

Question:  I really can't decide on being Roman Catholic or Lamaism Buddhist (Mongolian religion.)

I do love God, don't get me wrong. But then again, most Mongolians are Lamaism Buddhist, and I want to keep my purity.  If I choose to become Lamaism Buddhist, will God leave me? Will God hate me? Will God still be with me?
Can't I be both?

My Reply:
Purity of your nationality isn't based on your religion/faith.
And purity for the sake of purity can only be found in Christ.

Pure purity is to return to the "religion" of Adam & Eve, which in other words, means staying with God. Other religions, such as Buddhism or Lamaism Buddhism, were created later by people who chose to find something without God's help. So leaving God to be a part of a religion that mocks God (technically speaking) is, more than anything, like falling back in your "old" ways.

To answer your question, God will never leave you nor forsake you (God promised that). But if you leave God, He will continue to pursue you to return to Him. So the question to be raised is, do you really want to leave God in order to fit in with your sinful nationality (sinful meaning, Lamaism Buddhist, or Non-Christian)? And if you do, then A) how can you honestly say you love God; and B) are you not saying that your worldly nationality means more to you than your heavenly nationality?
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