Abraham's Children


In John 8:39-40, is Jesus defining who the chosen people, the Children of Abraham are?

Thank you very much in advance for your answer.

My Reply:
Sort of.
The men to whom Jesus is speaking are not only denying Jesus' deity, even after His signs confirmed who He is, but the fact that they want to kill Jesus shows who their real father (or real god) really is.

They're behaving like the devil, wanting to kill Him. But that's not all.  It's not that they don't see the miracles and proof, but they REFUSE to believe.  And the pride that they're holding to so dearly, which is what's preventing them from seeing, is also driving them to remove that which would humble them and actually set them free from their slavery by sin.

They think they're safe by being Abraham's descendants by birth.  Jesus is saying that such is not what makes them Abe's children, but it's by faith that they are related, and by whom they resemble in behavior...and their behavior shows that they are children of the Devil, not of God's people.

---Pastor Andy
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