Fate vs. Destiny


Do you believe everything is meant to happen?
Whether you're religious or not, do you believe that certain things in life will happen no matter what they are, and just your 'destiny' like in the final destination movie. Or what do you believe?

My Reply:
I believe everything happens for a reason, but not that everything's meant to happen.
The Lord has a plan, and what He plans will happen. Sometimes He lets us know what His will & plan are, sometimes not. I also think that our decision of an action depends on the outcome of the event. For example:

If you have a Bible, look up the book of Judges (start with chapter 20, verse 19): when the Israelites went to battle against their own brothers (the Benjaminites), they went up twice, and got knocked back both times. It wasn't until they all prayed, fasted, and put their focus' on the Lord that He gave them victory. 
So defeat was imminent until they finally all humbly went before the Lord. Had they done so in the beginning, it's possible that they wouldn't have experienced the losses.

---Pastor Andy

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