Leap of Faith turned Miracle turned Ministry Tool

Question: What is the biggest leap of faith you've ever taken?  Did it work out for you, or not? Would you do it again?

My Reply:
I was in a class for Urban Ministry in Chicago. We were in a small classroom of an inner-city church with a temporary sliding wall, and a team was talking on the topic of "power".
The presenter opened up the sliding wall and said, "This is my classroom, and everybody needs to leave." Everybody just looked at him and smiled. Then he pulled out a 9mm and said the same thing. Everybody ran out. I got up, but the Lord told me to sit back down, so I did. I even walked to the back of the classroom and sat on a pile of stacked chairs. He ordered me a couple times again to get out, but the Lord said to sit, so I sat.
Now looking down the barrel of the gun, as I'm assuming it's loaded with blanks, I'm also remembering the Brandon Lee incident...even though there were thought to have been blanks in the gun, something shot out of the barrel and killed him. But as I sat there, I figured if the Lord wants me home, He'll take me home. 
The guy asked me if I'm going to leave, and I asked, "What, are you going to shoot me?" And he said, "Yeah." He pulled the trigger, I blinked, and heard, "click". He cocked it and pulled the trigger again, "click." He tried this a few times, every time all we heard was "click".
Finally, I got up, figuring I'm ruining his presentation. So getting up, I said, "for the sake of your presentation, I'll get up."
Once out of the room, he had somebody take the gun outside to see what was wrong. On the first pull of the trigger, we all heard a loud "Boom!" The guy responded, "Sure, NOW it works!"

This was all recorded onto video tape in 2004 (or 2005).

I later learned that in such a room that we were in, the sound of the gun firing would've deafened us both for life. I also learned that at such a close distance (1-2 feet), something, even the paper from the blank, most often shoots out, and if it didn't kill me, it would've seriously fried my face, or I would’ve died from the burns.

The next semester, the guy who presented with the gun began attending the seminary where I was attending. He told me later that my response caused him to look at that school, and after watching the tape, he continues to use the experience from that day to minister to gang-bangers.

Would I do it again?  Sure, if the Lord tells me to do it again.

---Pastor Andy
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