Question:  For example, say you're a good person deep down, you believe in the goodness of people, and you help people. But you don't live a restricted life, you drink occasionally with friends, you enjoy a nasty joke, and you have sex outside of marriage (in a relationship)? I am in college.  I joined a Christian group and they would crap their pants if they knew that about me. I like them...but they are such prudes! lol. Is it possible to be a "light" Christian?

My Reply:
There's this disease being spread in many of the churches and ministries today, and it's called "cheap grace". Cheap Grace says that you can be a "light Christian"...God loves you the way you are and because He loves you, He won't ask you to change a thing. Holiness is not a factor, and discipleship is a disinterest or considered unnecessary. There's no repentance, just acceptance. And people who have accepted Cheap Grace believe that as long as people are "good" in terms of the world's standards, then they too will be saved, and anybody who says otherwise (even quote scripture out of context to back it up) are closed-minded. 
Unfortunately my friend, it sounds like you've been infected with it, and if you don't take the antidote combination (which are Jesus Christ with Costly Grace), then yes, you will die.

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---Pastor Andy
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