How do you get people to like you without trying?

Question: How can I get people to like me without trying? I seriously know it's possible, but how?

My Reply:
You'll hear people tell you to change something about yourself or lower your standards. But I have to disagree. Instead:

1) Be yourself. Nobody likes somebody who tries to be somebody else.

2) Learn to communicate with people. I have a friend who would start talking with somebody he's never met before, but when you heard the conversation, you'd think they'd known each other for years. This can be natural, or learned (for him it was natural. For me, I learned from watching him).

3) Don't be mean or talk mean about others. You may not get the attention of the gossips, but others will respect you, and you'll have a better chance of being liked by people who admire that character and want to be like you in that way, or by people who are already like that, which is a much better group of friends than the first mentioned.

---Pastor Andy
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