Is 666 Nero, or just a curse towards him?

Question: Is it possible that the author of Revelations was just really mad at the ruler Nero, and that Nero is who he is referring to as "the beast" or 616 (and that 666 is a misinterpretation)? I've heard this before but haven't studied much on it.

My Reply:
Tradition has it that the author of Revelation was John, the beloved disciple of Jesus, also the writer of the Gospel of John.
There was a time when John was banished on an island (versus being killed off like the rest of the apostles), where he had the vision, which is what's written in the book of Revelation.
Was he mad at Nero, maybe, for Nero killed off Paul, Peter, and many more of the brethren in Christ. But nowhere in Revelation does he mention any personal commentary, but only recorded what he saw, heard, and replied. Although he does express confusion about what he sees, he never tries to interpret it. Even with the number 666 (or 616)...he tells us how to figure it out, but he never actually say it's Nero.  That was an interpretation by readers.  

As for the number 666 or 616, I've heard some of the argument, but I've also read the Greek, and it does specifically say "six hundred and sixty six".
I know Wikipedia doesn't have the best reputation, but they have some interesting comments on this topic.

---Pastor Andy
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