Type of Music In Heaven and Hell

Question: Is Christian music the only style of music that is played both in Heaven and in Hell?

My Answer:
We're told that in Heaven, constant praises to God will be sung.  I also like to think that there will be all styles of praise, like Third Day, Kutless, P.O.D., Deliverance, Pillar, Sinai Beach, and such, too.  :)

As for Hell, that's a place of complete separation from God. Also, Christian music gives hope...in Hell, there's no hope, only torment. Therefore, my guess is that even Christian music wouldn't be present in Hell.

But what type of music will you hear in hell?  That's a good question...a scratching record? Constant repeats of the B-52s? Maybe your favorite song cut off just before the best part?  Some say Lucifer was gifted with music, so maybe you'd be stuck listening to "Satan's greatest hits".  Either way, if there even is music in hell, it wouldn't be enjoyable.

---Pastor Andy
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