Peace Talks?

When world leaders talk of "Peace and security" what should we expect?

My Reply:
World leaders don't often look to the Lord for peace and security. Possibly because they're so much in the public eye and feel the need to please the unbelievers, so they often side with them in taking precautions. For example: Bush claimed to be a Christian, yet his talks of peace and security meant going to war with Iraq, killing Saddam, and trying to destroy "Terror". Notice that his way of doing this also included putting fear into people here and around the world...strengthen your home defenses in order to hinder the offenders who want to kill you.

In Thessalonians, Paul explains that while people are still talking about worldly peace and security (much like I mentioned above), we Christians should remember to look to Christ for our peace and security.  Praying for our leaders will also help.

---Pastor Andy

(Picture courtesy of me...I drew this of my own hand while in college.)
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