Proper Image of Women?

Question: Do you believe that women should always wear dresses, never wear makeup, and never cut their hair? Just wondering?

My Reply:
Often times when Scripture tells women not to wear makeup or certain clothing, it's talking about either cultural norms & insults, or keeping order in worship.
In terms of the cultural norm, the length of women's hair was what gave them their beauty. Also, for a woman to have short hair would get her confused with guys. So if a woman were to remain pretty and not confused with a guy, her hair was to remain long (same goes for wearing dresses). It was actually considered shameful for her to cut it for that reason, although women did sometimes shave their heads when in mourning. I think I read someplace that when they did that, their mourning period would last for the amount of time that it took to grow her hair back out.
In terms of keeping order in Worship: During the time of Paul, women would often attend service all decked out, which of course caught the attention of men. Paul addressed this, for in worship, the focus is supposed to be on God, not on some hot chick in the front of the room, ya know? Church isn't supposed to be a pick-up spot, but a place of worship.

Today, a woman's beauty is recognized by so many other means. Although we do still have the issue of women wearing provocative clothing in church, leading to the similar issues that Paul addressed in the Bible.  I believe that in worship, women (and men) should wear clothes that are comfortable and don’t bring attention to themselves (thus keeping the focus on the Lord).  Outside of worship, whatever she wants for the occasion, although I believe it would be most honorable for her if it's modest (especially a Christian woman/girl).  But that’s another blog for another time.

---Pastor Andy
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