Why Didn't Jesus Prevent His Own Crucifixion?

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Jesus turned water into wine and raised Lazarus from the dead. Wouldn't common sense dictate that he turn the crucifix into a horse that he could ride away on and escape or turn the crown of thorns into a more comfortable hat (or at least something along these lines)?
I’m not very learned when it comes to the Bible (I haven’t read it, but I did see Mel Gibson’s movie and have heard several recounts from friends).  But I DO know that whenever Jesus encountered a problem (no wine at his friend’s party, he turned water into wine AND when his friend died he raised him from the dead)…my friend told me that Jesus solves all problems, but it seems that his biggest gaffe was not solving the problem of his own murder!

My Reply:
Although Jesus could have prevented His crucifixion, He didn't because it was the whole reason He came in the first place.
In His crucifixion, He took upon Him the sins of the world (yours, mine, everybody's!). But most of all, He had to be crucified (the worst way of dying in that time, also the most cursed way according to the Hebrew Law) in order to be resurrected, which is His main purpose. It was the only way we could be with Him for all eternity.
So today, people see His crucifixion as weakness, but it was actually Jesus' great strength, for He LET Himself be crucified. Jesus loves us enough and wants us to be with Him so badly that He paid the price that we couldn't pay...it's the power of genuine love.  All we have to do now to actually be with Him is to accept His invitation whole (or broken) -heartedly.

---Pastor Andy
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