14 Years Old Thinkin’ About Having Sex

Question: There's this boy that I really have feelings for.  We got officially together, but we have been knowing each other for a couple of years. Last night on the phone, he told me that he had this dream about sex. He went into explaining what happened and I was blown away, lol. He said he was bangin’ the wall, screamin’ my name, and everything else. We’re both 14. All of my friends are having sex. I really want to have sex now but I’m really scared of what my life will be like if I decide to. What should I do?

My Reply:
Holy Snap! Your 14 year old friends are having sex?

First of all, sex is a great thing between 2 people who are married to each other, but definitely not for somebody at the age of 14. And the dream he told you about is pretty common among 14 year old boys (all teen boys dream about sex…seriously).

Why NOT to have sex? Well, besides possible diseases, there's also the chance of cervical cancer (common among girls who have sex before adulthood), pregnancy...seriously, what would you do if you got pregnant? Have you talked with him about that possibility?  And for the record, the pulling-out method doesn't work.

I know you've got strong feelings for him, and he says he does for you, but at the age of 14, he's probably and most likely not going to be the man you marry. I would strongly suggest you NOT have sex, and instead focus on other aspects of the relationship, like hanging out together with your friends, going to movies & concerts, holding hands, enjoying life together, etc.

Check out this link to my blog for more information on this: 

---Pastor Andy
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