A Bible-Thumped Witch

Why haven't any Christians tried to kill me yet?
It states in the King James bible very clearly "Thall shalt not suffer a witch to live."
Well, I'm a witch. I make no attempt to hide the fact that I'm a witch and I proudly proclaim this fact about myself to Christians and non-Christians alike.
If the entire bible is the infallible Word of God, and a true Christian is supposed to do everything it says, then why has no Christian tried to kill me? Are you worried about legal troubles? Your God is supposed to reward you in heaven for being faithful, so why would you worry about going to jail or anything?
I ask this because I'm sick of people saying that the entire Bible should be taken literally and that none of it should be left out. Also, there is no possible way I'm taking this out of context. This is a direct quote straight from Deuteronomy. That's the verse word for word so it is not out of context.
If Christians are not under old testament Law, then why do Christians always quote Deuteronomy when they tell me I'm a sinner for being a lesbian? You can't have it both ways.

My Reply:
Yes, Christians are under the Law in terms of discipline, but we're not bound by it like the Israelites were in the Old Testament, since Jesus fulfilled it.
When reading God's Law, we need to remember who the target audience was...God's people.  Moses didn't read this to the surrounding nations, He read it to God's people who were in direct lineage of His Covenant and blessings. See, there's a special holiness that's demanded of God's people, and these laws and commandments were in place to train and form the Israelites into this demanded transformation, and away from what they were. The lesbian, witch, animality, certain foods, etc. on the other hand, were all things that the surrounding nations were engulfed in.  God's people were to be different...Holy as God is Holy.
Also, in terms of witches, y'all don't worship God (as I'm sure you fully know), and God's people were not only commanded to worship the Lord only, but several generations also vowed to.  Therefore, anybody who worshipped something other than the Lord was to be put to death, for they had rejected the Lord, as well as broken their vow with Him and the nation Israel.  [This may also account for what Jesus said in Matthew 5:30: “And if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go into hell.” If one member of the Body sins, throw him out of the congregation, for keeping him in would cause the whole body to become guilty of sin (leavening). Therefore, cut it off, for it’s better to lose one part of the body than for your whole Body (the whole nation Israel) to go into hell…Also where Paul tells the Corinthians to expel the sinner, casting him out to Satan…for the rest of the church was accepting it and thus fueling the fires of hell to consume them all…so cast out the one part that sins, for it’s better to lose part than all.]
In the sense of judgment, we Christians are not to judge those outside the Church...that's God's job. Those whom we ARE to judge is one another (other Christians), but in the sense of accountability, not condemnation. You are not of God's people (you've even admitted this in your question). Therefore, we are not called to condemn you, but witness to you and represent God with hopes and prayers that you may come to know Jesus Christ with the love that He has for you.  If anything, we're to condemn what you're doing and the spirit behind it, but not you personally.
Now, in the sense of witchcraft (yes, even "white" witchcraft), such is not of God, but of God's enemy. Jesus also said that "those who are not with Me are against Me." This may explain the aggressiveness of those coming after you with Deuteronomy, for they recognize the spirit from which your witchcraft originates.  But as you've noticed, we have not tried to kill you because it is not with you whom we battle, but with the one whom you serve. (And though we battle him every day, Jesus already won the war).
There's a saying that "those who are against Bible thumpers are usually those who have been thumped by Bibles." If you've been thumped, I can only assume it was by those who either fear you, or the spirit behind your witchcraft, or by people who deep down really care about you yet still need to learn how to show you this in love and compassion, versus the harsh swinging of their swords.
---Pastor Andy  :}>+-
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