Cuss at the Devil?

Is it OK to swear at the devil?

My Reply:
Have you ever seen the last Star Wars movie (Return of the Jedi)? At the end, the evil emperor tempted Luke to feed on his anger...look at the hopelessness and do what he can to destroy him (the emperor). He actually coaxed Luke to do it, too. Then Luke grabbed his light saber and attempted to strike him down, only to be stopped by Vader.
I think that swearing at the devil is something he wants us to do...he wants us to get mad at him and want to destroy him, for it feeds our anger to where we lose our focus. Our focus should be on the Lord, and it is HE who will deal with the devil, and has! That's why the devil has no power over you ;)
So what to do when you're ticked at the devil? Look to Jesus in the Gospels for this one...He fought off the devil's temptations and attacks with the truth of scripture.
I also find it's a good idea to not give the devil credit for his works (like giving credit to bin laden...he's proud of it and gladly accepts the credit).
So to answer your question, yeah, it's ok to, but is it good to? I'd suggest keeping your focus on the Lord, and let HIM deal with the devil.

---Pastor Andy
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