God and Forgiveness

God forgives all sins, but what about a broken covenant?  I know God will forgive us our sins when we repent but what about if you break a covenant...such as getting remarried after a divorce...and you were the one being unfaithful...are you forgiven for committing adultery by getting married again?
After all... a marriage is a covenant between the couple and God...bringing them together as one flesh.

My Reply:
In terms of breaking covenants, the Israelites broke God's covenants time and time again, but the Lord never left them...though they did endure some trials during their time of getting back right with the Lord.
Let's look at scripture:
Remember the woman who was brought to Jesus in John 8:1-11? She was caught literally in the act of adultery. Jesus didn't condemn her, but notice He also told her to sin no more (or don't do this again)...and she was forgiven.
The Apostle Paul also talks on remarriage in 1 Corinthians. Basically, he suggests that the "unmarried" (thought to be those who were divorced) should remain unmarried. But if they're burning with lust, then it's best that they marry. But Paul also says that your new spouse should also be a believer in the faith.
 But it's not in remarriage that you're forgiven, nor is the making of a new covenant to cover up the past broken one a means of setting things right. God demands your heart...He always has. And the fact that you're even asking this question shows that you have every intention of giving it fully to Him.
 I would suggest though, you and your fiance’ engaging in pre-marital counseling by your pastor/priest before marrying, and keeping a Christian counsel throughout your marriage with whom you may consult should doubt or the temptation to cheat ever again arise.

---Pastor Andy

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