How to get copyrights for poems?


Question:  I have written a few poems that I want to get copyrights for.  Do you have any ideas of how to get the copyrights?
My Reply:
You should be able to check online for copyrights (or one of the links to the right).
Although in college (back in about 1992), I did learn of a fast, easy, and almost free (and very legal) way of getting it Trade-marked (showing that you were the original writer/composer), and it's easier than you'd think:
1) Put your name on them
2) Copy them (photocopy would be best)
3) Place the originals into a manila envelope
4) Mail them to yourself
5) When it's delivered to you, store it in a safe place (don't ever open the envelope!).
 If you ever have to go to court about who wrote the originals, the postmarked date will prove the timeline for when they were written. Don't open the envelope until you're in the court session in the presence of everybody so they can see that it was sealed before the date marked.
 It's all legal, and legit.

---Pastor Andy
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