Peter Walks On Water

How is it even possible for Peter to have walked on water?  What does real faith look like?

My Reply:
Well, he walked on water for a little while anyway.
Man, there's so much to this story! Anyway, after Jesus walking on water and the 12 freaking out about it possibly being a ghost (which is weird that they freaked out since chapter 10 just got done telling us about how the 12 cast out demons and healed the sick), Peter ASKS Jesus, "Command me to come out to you on the sea!" (Dude, that's like begging Jesus to test you! You're just begging for failure!) So Jesus said, "Come." Peter walked for a couple steps, but then saw the waves & felt the wind, and began to sink. Why? Because he took his eyes off Jesus and focused on the elements around him that could hurt him. Then he yelled, "Lord, save me!" And Jesus caught his arm, lifted him up, and they both got into the boat.

So long story summarized, real faith is not sinking, but keeping your full focus on Jesus at all times. He commanded you, nothing can (nor must) keep you from going to Him. THAT'S what real faith looks like.
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---Pastor Andy
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