Are Psychics real or not?

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Are psychics real or not?

Are mediums, psychics, clairvoyants real?
I have seen several shows and they seem pretty real to me? What are your views?

 My Reply:
In the Old Testament, God got really ticked when His people consulted psychics. Most of it, I believe, has to do with the fact that they're contacting the evil ones for their information, but the main reason was because they weren't going to Him instead.

We know that some are real because King Saul contacted the dead Samuel through one (he was cursed from that point on though).  Also, in one place in the Bible, God asks why people would bother going to somebody to speak to the dead about the living.

Keep in mind:
1) Psychics, mediums, etc. don't contact God, they contact demons, and they do it against the authority of God.
2) If they're real, then:
-Why do they send me emails? Shouldn't they already know I'm just going to delete them?
-Why haven't we ever read on the front page, "Psychic wins the lottery"?
-And if they're real, they'd know when you why do they have voice mail?  If they knew you were going to call, then why weren’t they there to answer it?

You've gotta wonder.

---Pastor Andy
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