Can Truth exist?

Dear Pastor Andy, can’t truth and lie exist only in imagination? I mean morality, not science. You can't deny something real, like math...math is real.

My Reply:
OK, let's look at it your way..."math is real". I tell you 13x7=28. You tell me 13x7=91. Only one of us can be right, right?
Now, I can show you 3 ways to prove that I'm right...addition, multiplication, and division. And when I do the math my way, it always comes out 28.

Where's the truth? Is it true to say that 13x7=28? If you said you agreed, then would you be lying, or maybe compromising? But even in compromising, are you not betraying the truth, even a little?

My point is that there's a right way and a wrong way. There's also not only a truth, but even an Absolute Truth, and that Absolute Truth is what leads to the correct answer. But if such is the case, then all the other ways must be wrong, or lies, for they don't result in the correct answer. And if you say your way is the correct way, even though it doesn't come up with the correct answer, then you either must be lying, or wrong.
So yes, Truth does exist, so does Absolute Truth.

To see 3 ways that 13x7=28, CLICK HERE.

---Pastor Andy