Can you tell me about Chicago?

I am looking to move there within a couple of years. I have always been very content with that Chicago, and I don't really know why. I took a trip out there totally fell in love with Downtown!!!!  I have never seen a downtown like that in my life, and there were so many damn people…I loved it! So tell me more about it. How is it out there? Do you like it? Have you visited? How was you experience? Thanks!

My Reply:
I agree, Chicago is really awesome. I lived in Chicago's northwest suburbs for 12 years, and the city (Chicago) for 19 years, both downtown and on the north side.
There are good and bad areas, and they're are really all over the place. You could have one block that's good, and the next block you should avoid, or the same place that’s safe in the day and dangerous at night.

I'd say that two of the best parts about Chicago, compared to anyplace else in the world, are the people and culture. I can't really explain it in this short space, but it's totally different, even from the rest of the a good way though.

I think "I-Robot" portrayed Chicagoans well when they stood up to the robots...they'll go about their own ways, often even seeming cold or reserved.  But in the time of need, they bind together and form a team-likeness unlike you'll see anywhere else.

You'll love it there. My wife and I want to move back there, but at the moment, we're called to someplace else.

---Pastor Andy

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