Do You Believe In Ghosts?

Question:  Do you believe in ghosts?

My Reply:
Do I believe they exist? Yes. Do I believe in them? No, meaning that they're not ghosts as we know from media or hype...they're demons. There's no such thing as a friendly ghost. Their main goal is to get people to become confused about God, and thus lose their faith in God.

If we believe ghosts are dead people, then we're saying God doesn't know what He's doing, God doesn't see all that goes on, or one may assume that even dead people can continue to torment the living, thus questioning God's promised judgment.
They may tell you things or cause you to believe that they're protecting you. This is also how bad people prey on their victims...they work on them through trust.

My point is, yes, they exist...I know this for a fact. But they're not something to mess with, become interested in, or "believe in".
Demons lie, and have no truth or good in them.

---Pastor Andy
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